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8 x these restaurants in Marbella are definitely worth a visit

8 x these restaurants in Marbella are definitely worth a visit

21 February 2019
door: Anneloes Schohaus
8x deze restaurants in Marbella zijn zéker een bezoek waard

Eating in Marbella

Marbella is a luxury resort on the Costa del Sol. The place is located between Gibraltar and Malaga at the foot of the mountain ‘Sierra Blanca’. The average daytime temperature is around 18.5 degrees Celsius. This makes Marbella one of the most popular coastal towns. Marbella has more than ten golf courses and Puerto Banús is the most famous port on the Mediterranean Sea.

At the moment there are many beautiful projects for sale in Marbella. A good reason to get to know the area better. Here is a list of restaurants in Marbella where you can have a bite to eat.

1. Pizzeria Picasso

Pizzeria Picasso is a delicious restaurant in Puerto Banús. With ten minutes drive from the center of Marbella. It may not be a typical Spanish restaurant, but nothing beats delicious freshly baked Italian pizzas and pastas. Just enjoy.

2. Cappuccino Grand Café

Cappuccino Grand Café is one of the more luxurious restaurants in Marbella. It is located on the beach of Marbella. Cappuccino is especially nice for lunch. Salmon salads and club sandwiches are highly recommended. But also for a drink you can certainly go here.

3. Mosh Fun Kitchen

At Mosh Fun Kitchen restaurant you can find all kinds of dishes. From bites to mini hamburgers, from the special tuna dishes to various sushirolls. It’s really mouth watering! The restaurant has a hip look where you can enjoy comfort at its best. Besides the tasty dishes, Mosh Fun Kitchen also serves cocktails and hookas. Living the Marbella life.

4. Bibo Puente Romano

This fine restaurant, Bibo Puente Romano, presents itself with the slogan: Tapas with a twist. We love that. The creativity of the chefs can be clearly seen on the menu. You can choose from brioches that each consist of more than three ingredients. The restaurant also has the ‘Raw Tuna Bar’ and the special #bibofamily dishes: carefully put together and something for every family. Bibo Puente Romano is ideal for dinner and drinks.

5. Da Bruno

The next Italian restaurant on the list. At Restaurante Da Bruno you can enjoy good food as well as a night of music. Da Bruno organizes evenings where you can enjoy Opera or Soulmusic. Visit the site of the restaurant to see when your music evening takes place. Da Bruno has two branches in Marbella: Sul Mare and Cabopino. Both worth a try.

6. Finca Besaya

Restaurant Finca Besaya is perfect if you like a snack, drink and dancing. At this beautiful location you don’t want anything else. Near Puerto Banús you will find this trendy bar and you can enjoy good food and a cocktail on the beach. With ambiance and all you have the perfect evening out.

7. Tahini Sushi Bar

The owners of Tahini Sushi Bar serve top quality dishes. It’s a bit more expansive, but it’s really worth it! The restaurant is located near the beach of Marbella. Don’t feel like going out for dinner, but do you have an incredible appetite for sushi? Tahini does take away service too. Enjoy your meal.

8. Café Flore

This café is located in the centre of Marbella. The terrace of Café Flore radiates all the cosiness by the large orange trees that stand there. Where there is atmosphere, there is good food. The menu of Café Flore is small but fine. You can choose from starters, snacks and various fish, meat and rice dishes. Not to forget: Café Flore is around the corner from the famous Plaza de los Naranjos.

Plaza de los Naranjos

Plaza de los Naranjos is a well-known square in Marbella. The name comes from the many orange trees around the fountain in the middle of the square. This location in the centre of the village is a good presentation of the vibrant life in Marbella. Besides the fine restaurants you can also see typical Andalusian houses and three historic buildings: Casa Consistorial, Casa del Corregidor and Ermita de Santiago.

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