These delicious fresh produce markets are available in Málaga

These delicious fresh produce markets are available in Málaga

24 March 2019
door: Anneloes Schohaus
Versmarkten vind je in Málaga

Delicious fresh markets; Málaga is the place to be.

Who doesn’t like fresh products? At these fine fresh markets in Malaga you can get extraordinary products for a very good price.

1. Mercado Central de Atarazanas

Mercado Atarazanas is perhaps the most famous fresh market in Malaga. This market is located in the center and is easily accessible. There are two rows of stables full of fresh fish, three rows of butchers and three rows of fruit and vegetable farmers who sell the best products. In addition, you will find the best olives and nuts and you regularly buy a kilo of strawberries for one euro. This market is within walking distance of the famous shopping street Calle Larios and behind the main street Alameda Principal. Do not forget to get a drink and a tapa to taste between the locals at one of the bars within the market.

Opening hours: 08:00 – 14:00 from Monday to Saturday.
Address: Calle Atarazanas, 10.

2. Mercado de la Merced

Mercado de la Merced is located on the corner of the famous Plaza de la Merced, the square where the sun always shines. This market is different from other fresh markets in the city. Mercado de la Merced is a gastronomic market where many culinary styles are mixed. Besides good wines, beers, olives, gherkins, traditional ham the following international cuisines can also be found there: Japanese, Argentinian, Brazilian and Italian. The stables are open every morning, the other stables have longer opening hours.

Opening hours: in the morning all week round.
Address: Calle Merced, 4.

3. Mercado El Carmen

Mercado El Carmen is located in the west of the center in the district El Perchel. This market has been there for 140 years and has been serving delicious fresh products all this time. You will find daily fresh fish and in the corner bar you can enjoy the local products. The fresh market was renovated in 2010 and can last for many more years.

Opening hours: 7:30 – 16:30 from Sunday to Thursday. 7:30 – 16:30 & 21:00 – 23:30 on Friday and Saturday.
Address: Calle la Serna, 3.

4. Mercado de Salamanca
This beautiful market was built between 1922 and 1925. This market has a traditional style that goes back to Arabic architecture, as can be seen in several buildings in Malaga. Besides the food, the appearance of the market is also a reason to visit this location. It has 48 stalls where you can get everything. Buen Provecho!

Opening hours: 08:00 – 15:00 from Monday to Saturday.
Address: Calle San Bartolomé, 1.


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Source: Málaga Turismo – Image: Anneloes Schohaus

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