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Restaurants in Málaga

  • Subtitel: 10 x these restaurants in Málaga are definitely worth a visit!
  • Teasertekst: The city of Málaga is hot! This is not without reason. This vibrant city has a lot to offer. Especially the historical centre and the old fishermen’s villages El Palo and Pedregalejo are worth a visit. In this article we will mention the best and nicest restaurants in Málaga.
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    Malaga is located in the autonomous region of Andalusia and is after Seville the largest city in the region and the capital of the province with the same name.

    The city has 570,000 inhabitants with eleven different districts, which are definitely worth a visit! Read more about Málaga

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    1. El Pimpi

    El Pimpi is probably Málaga’s most famous restaurant. This also means that tourists know where to find it. Nevertheless, it is an absolute must to eat some tapas here. Don’t forget to take a look inside! They also serve the famous sweet wine Malaga Virgin, the best sweet white wine in Andalusia.

    2. Montana

    Montana restaurant is located in the Victoria district, just outside the historic centre. The restaurant is located in a historic building, with a beautiful garden. Here you can dine and enjoy a culinary evening. Here the prices are higher than the average for Spanish standards.

    3. Batik

    Batik is een hip restaurant in het centrum van Málaga. Het ligt op de vierde verdieping en geeft een prachtig uitzicht op het Gibralfaro en het oude Romeinse theater. De gerechten bij Batik zijn modern en heeft een goede prijs/kwaliteit verhouding. Na het eten kunt u stijgen naar de vijfde verdieping, om daar op het dakterras een cocktail te drinken. Insiderstip: vanaf daar heeft u uitzicht op het penthouse van Antonio Banderas.

    4. Pez Tomillo

    Pez Tomillo is located in the old fishing village of Pedregalejo. This is a very popular restaurant with the inhabitants of Malaga. The dishes are Mediterranean, with a twist. Again, the price/quality ratio is excellent. The restaurant is located at the beginning of the boulevard of Pedregalejo. Tip: rent a bike in the center of Malaga and cycle to the fishing villages of Pedregalejo and El Palo, along the beach!

    5. La Machina

    The restaurant La Machina is located on the boulevard of Pedregalejo. Here you can enjoy lunch and dinner directly on the beach. It is a young and trendy restaurant. The dishes are world class and mainly in tapa format. In addition, they have delicious salads. Some examples: quesadillas, edamame, salmon tartare and tacos with duck. In short, a varying assortment and definitely a must!

    6. La Galerna

    The bar La Galerna The bar La Galerna is also located on the boulevard of Pedregalejo. Here you can have an excellent breakfast and lunch, for a very reasonable price. The fruit juices are also very tasty and fresh. They also have a wide range of sandwiches (tostadas), pancakes and yoghurt.

    7. El Tintero

    After El Pimpi, El Tintero is perhaps the most famous restaurant in Malaga. This fish restaurant is located at the end of the boulevard of El Palo. Especially the lunch in the weekends is highly recommended. The waiters walk with the dishes along and call out loudly on the (large) terrace what they have with them. If you wish to have the waiter’s dish, you must give a signal. This restaurant is also very popular with the inhabitants of Málaga and it is here, especially on weekends, pleasantly busy.

    8. La Sole del Pimpi

    La Sole del Pimpi is located above the terrace of the El Pimpi restaurant and is less known to tourists. La Sole del Pimpi has delicious tapas, fish and meat. In addition, they also have great sushi. This restaurant is a bit more expensive than the average in Malaga and has no terrace outside. Inside, however, it is very stylishly decorated, making this a cozy restaurant.

    9. Palocortado

    Palocortado is located at the cathedral in the center of Malaga. Here you can enjoy a good glass of wine and delicious dishes on the terrace in the evening. Traditional dishes are served in this restaurant. Think of traditional tapas, but also larger main courses. This is a restaurant in the centre that you absolutely must visit.

    10. El Balneario

    This restaurant has a beautiful location, directly at the sea. El Balneario, also known as Baños del Carmen, is located outside the centre of Malaga and at the beginning of Pedregalejo. From here you can admire the skyline of the city and also the beautiful sunset. The building with a great history is somewhat outdated and subject to maintenance, but this also gives the restaurant atmosphere. Enjoy traditional dishes and delicious fish! Taste the typical Malaga sardines (espetos).


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El Fike now member of GIPE

  • Subtitel: From now on El Fike is a member of the real estate association GIPE.
  • Teasertekst: El Fike is a member of the real estate association GIPE (Asociación Profesional de Gestores Intermediarios en Promociones de Edificaciones) and is registered under number 3762.
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    Real estate association GIPE

    GIPE is an association of real estate professionals who, as such, offer their intermediation and management services in all types of real estate transactions, with offices throughout the national territory.

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    As GIPE is one of the founding members of the European real estate association CEI (Confederation Europeenne de l'Immobilier) all its members are also members of this European association. GIPE is a hallmark of quality. The certified members combine knowledge and transparency with a high level of service, supported by the central organisation.

New rental legislation in Spain

  • Subtitel: From 5 March 2019 the rental legislation in Spain has been amended.
  • Teasertekst: The minimum duration of the long-term lease has been changed from 3 to 5 years. This applies if the landlord is a natural person. If the landlord is a legal person, the minimum rental period is 7 years.
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    This means that the contract will be compulsorily extended to five years, unless either the tenant or the landlord terminates the contract in time. In addition, the notice period for both lessee and lessor has been adjusted to 2 and 4 months respectively. If the term of 5 years or 7 years has been reached, the contract will be extended annually with a maximum of 3 years.

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    Unless the tenant indicates one month before the end of the year that he wishes to terminate. The landlord, if a natural person, can terminate the contract in case he, his spouse or first degree relatives need the accommodation for urgent personal use. Urgent personal use can occur in case of divorce.

    Rental price adjustment

    In addition, the rent may only be adjusted with the index figure (called CPI in the Netherlands) published by the Spanish government.

    Additional security deposit

    An additional guarantee of more than two monthly instalments may not be agreed in residential leases with a duration of up to five years if the landlord is a natural person or up to seven years if the landlord is a legal person.

    Starting from 5 March 2019

    This reform shall apply only to contracts signed after that date. Contracts signed before that date remain subject to the provisions of the legal regime that applied to them. However, existing contracts may be adapted to the legal regime set out in this Royal Decree if the parties so agree.

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Let's play Padel!

  • Subtitel: You may have played it before: padel.
  • Teasertekst: It’s a mix of squash and tennis and above all it’s great fun! Here in Spain the sport is very popular and we’ve noticed that foreign visitors get excited when they’ve played it. That’s why we dedicated a short blog to padel, so you can all get just as excited!
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    Padel the game

    Padel is usually played with four people (two against two). The ball is similar to a tennis ball but the racket is different. Also, the walls around the court are used, just like squash. In addition, the scoring is the same as in tennis.

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    How it started

    Padel is a young sport. It was created in 1969 in Mexico by a man who didn’t have enough space in his garden for a tennis court. He marked off an area of 10 by 20 meters with 3 to 4 meter high walls. And so the first padel court was born. From Mexico, padel later spread to Spain, to Marbella. In 1974 the first European padel club was founded, in Marbella. With the promotion of King Juan Carlos, the popularity of the sport was increased nationally. The first World Championship was held in Seville in 1992 and has since taken place every two years, with tens of thousands of spectators.

    World Padel Tournament

    In August 2021 the World Championship will be organized in Malaga, so buy tickets if you want to see this spectacle! As soon as we have more information regarding the ticket sales, we will post it on our website.

    Padel on vacation

    Would you like to experience the fun of padel? Book a padel training during your vacation on the Costa del Sol! Or would you like to improve your padel skills? Book a padel vacation and get trained by professionals! How great is that: Exercise and enjoy a wonderful vacation! Everything will be tailor-made for you, so you can make the most of this week. Malakapadel is the address for professional training. They also organize padel vacations. Learn the game or improve your skills!


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These delicious fresh produce markets are available in Málaga

  • Subtitel: Delicious fresh markets; Málaga is the place to be.
  • Teasertekst: Who doesn’t like fresh products? At these fine fresh markets in Malaga you can get extraordinary products for a very good price.
  • Artikeltekst in 2 kolommen:

    1. Mercado Central de Atarazanas

    Mercado Atarazanas is perhaps the most famous fresh market in Malaga. This market is located in the center and is easily accessible. There are two rows of stables full of fresh fish, three rows of butchers and three rows of fruit and vegetable farmers who sell the best products. In addition, you will find the best olives and nuts and you regularly buy a kilo of strawberries for one euro. This market is within walking distance of the famous shopping street Calle Larios and behind the main street Alameda Principal. Do not forget to get a drink and a tapa to taste between the locals at one of the bars within the market.

    Opening hours: 08:00 – 14:00 from Monday to Saturday.
    Address: Calle Atarazanas, 10.

    2. Mercado de la Merced

    Mercado de la Merced is located on the corner of the famous Plaza de la Merced, the square where the sun always shines. This market is different from other fresh markets in the city. Mercado de la Merced is a gastronomic market where many culinary styles are mixed. Besides good wines, beers, olives, gherkins, traditional ham the following international cuisines can also be found there: Japanese, Argentinian, Brazilian and Italian. The stables are open every morning, the other stables have longer opening hours.

    Opening hours: in the morning all week round.
    Address: Calle Merced, 4.

    3. Mercado El Carmen

    Mercado El Carmen is located in the west of the center in the district El Perchel. This market has been there for 140 years and has been serving delicious fresh products all this time. You will find daily fresh fish and in the corner bar you can enjoy the local products. The fresh market was renovated in 2010 and can last for many more years.

    Opening hours: 7:30 – 16:30 from Sunday to Thursday. 7:30 – 16:30 & 21:00 – 23:30 on Friday and Saturday.
    Address: Calle la Serna, 3.

    4. Mercado de Salamanca
    This beautiful market was built between 1922 and 1925. This market has a traditional style that goes back to Arabic architecture, as can be seen in several buildings in Malaga. Besides the food, the appearance of the market is also a reason to visit this location. It has 48 stalls where you can get everything. Buen Provecho!

    Opening hours: 08:00 – 15:00 from Monday to Saturday.
    Address: Calle San Bartolomé, 1.


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    Source: Málaga Turismo – Image: Anneloes Schohaus

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